Deptford X is back!


London Contemporary Art festival will be happening from 27th September 2013 to 6th October 2013. The festival promotes the best contemporary visual art and celebrates that art with the widest possible audience. It is an arts event born of Deptford’s creative community and based on a belief in the limitless potential of the area.

Here are just some of the highlights from the festival: This year, Bob & Roberta Smith has been selected as the lead artist for Deptford X 2013. Check out their provocation Art Makes People Powerful!

Is it possible to change the world by just being kind? Well let’s help Bernadette Russell answer that question on Douglas Way with her balloons!

If you love posters, then you will love Dan Holliday’s art work. Check it out on Creekside and Deptford High Street.

Fabienne Khial and Seeta Muller – who are ‘giving alms’ to members of the public. This means giving away small, matchbox-sized drawings to passers-by at the His & Hers chimney pots mural on Giffin Street.

Hollie Paxton will be having art installation named Remembering Deptford on selected market stalls.

Camberwell Book Arts graduates explore the page and its limitations. The students fold, bind, leaf through, stand on vast columns of paper and lay down words in heavy metal type on 9 Griffin Square.

For her project I Wish, Victoria Rance is inviting participants to tell her a personal wish. It is a project about fantasy, turning wishes into tangible things which remind us to have hope when things are difficult.

You can even get a FREE anchor tattoo from Kids Love Ink on 4th October 2013, in conjunction of the festival and celebration of Deptford’s maritime history. More details are at Deptford is Forever.

Fancy having the dance floor to yourself and dancing to your favourite tune? If so, check out Jack Brown Disco for One on 28th September and 5th October.

Heroes and Villains is an on-going project which ‘crowns’ public statues around Deptford in black balaclavas. It tries to transform and awaken these monuments around Deptford, turning them into live participants in the work. Even the kids from Tidemill Academy are getting involved with artist Jack Brown.

And of cause galleries and studios around Deptford will be buzzing during the festival: Bearspace, Old Police Station, Resolution Way, Assembly, Lewisham Art House, APT Studios, ASC Studios, Art Hub Artists, Childers street artists, and the list goes on! South London Art Map will be holding it’s special Deptford X tour on 27th September at 6.30pm to 9pm; meet at Bearspace.

For full details about the above, as well as all the other events, view the full Deptford X programme.